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What you don’t know about Web hosting CAN hurt your business.

Website hosting is one of the most Internet competitive markets here in Egypt, with everyone from Internet Service Providers to individuals with a couple of servers to spare, offering website hosting. When faced with so many options it may be tempting to make a decision based solely on price, but the consequences of choosing the wrong hosting solution for your website can be extremely costly whether in Egypt or other. You wouldn’t think of opening a store without first researching the location; the same care must be applied when selecting a Web host for your business.

Here’s a little-known fact about the website hosting industry:

Many hosting “companies” are actually just individuals reselling another company’s hosting services! It’s strictly a volume business for these hosting middle-men and they have no control over the services they offer.
Fortunately, we Inmaa Consultant can offer a variety of affordable, feature-packed hosting plans with security and reliability built-in.